What are the Symptoms of Depression?

How do I know how depressed I am?

A person with mild depression feels blue, struggles to achieve as well as usual at work or at school, may not feel as energetic or enjoy social contact, and sighs a lot.

A person with moderate depression has similar symptoms and feelings, and may have some unhelpful negative thoughts creeping in and these become more intense and enduring.

A person with severe depression is usually bed-ridden and unable to attend work or school. They typically stop almost all of their usual social functioning.

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Counselling and Therapy for Depression.

Depression is experienced by a high number of people at some stages of their lives.

We live stressful and busy lives, and when major events occur that add to that load then we can go beyond where we are just feeling miserable and down, and that may only last a short time before we return to feeling more our usual selves. Or if it continues we may start to feel overwhelmed.

Feeling down or blue can be a normal response to events such as a relationship break up, losing a job, or having someone we are close to die. When those feelings become too intense or too prevalent and persistent then this could be depression.

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Anti depressant efficacy is overrated

Is anti depressant efficacy overrated and are anti depressants right for you?

This is a question many people suffering from symptoms of depression are concerned with – is treatment with anti depressants suitable for them or not? While this is a question for you and your doctor to decide, it may be worthwhile considering the wider options too.

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